Mike Maloney received his M.F.A. in Writing for Film & Television from USC and his B.A in Sociology and English from UCLA. (For the record: Go Bruins!) He grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area surrounded by a family of story-tellers and smart asses, which made his career path something of a foregone conclusion.

After spending two years as an assistant to famed producers Walter Parkes & Laurie MacDonald, Mike’s writing career started with a bang when he won the 1st Annual FOX / New York Television Festival Comedy Script contest. His comedy pilot, SELLING HELL, was ultimately purchased by FOX and it led to a development deal with 20th Century Fox. Since that time, Mike has gone on to develop a variety of TV and film projects for The Mark Gordon Company, Barry Josephson Entertainment, and Reveille Productions – among others.

More recently, he has added novelist to his list of credits and is currently working towards publishing his first book, ME & McQUEEN.

He lives in San Francisco with his desk, laptop, and two orthopedic back pillows. You can follow him on Twitter here. Or like his Facebook fan page here.

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